Let’s start over. That’s my feeling lately. A clean slate.

I’ve been considering blogging for a few weeks now. Though I confess I felt hesitant. I have no exact ideas or plans except to blog as a form of keeping a journal, sharing my interests, getting my thoughts, ideas and the events of my life on virtual paper. Hopefully what I write entertains people.

I’m not currently in school though I will soon be tackling the application process for my master’s program. The deadline is May 1 and I admit I’m procrastinating. *weak, nervous laughter*

Lately, I have not been working much. Both my jobs have been slow, cutting back on hours. It’s a distressing situation but it’s also hysterical to me that I have TWO jobs yet am not working. Only I could manage that sticky, unexpected situation.

As a result of no classes and few work hours, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands and so I’m attempting high productivity in order to not feel wasteful.

And *drum roll* I’m very slowly, steadily, attempting to plan a small and intimate wedding. It’s an interesting new challenge. Right now the focus is making progress on the wedding dress (my darling sister Cato has offered to make my dress by hand!) as well as discovering a venue and finding a photographer. Folks, I’m too cheap for weddings, ha ha. Thankfully I have people in my life (e.g., my sister mentioned above) who are generous with their resources, time and wisdom. And I have a helpful, patient and wonderful fiance (see pic below) to make everything well worth it!


Though I tend to get overwhelmed and stressed about life (lack of work hours, money, feeling anxious about applying for a master’s degree, money, wedding shenanigans and the rest) I must say I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m very fortunate. Plus, Autumn is on its way! So I’m feeling pretty spoiled.



2 thoughts on “Return

  1. Good luck with the wedding! My younger sister is planning hers atm as well, she is hoping to have the day late next year, and I am the maid of honour! So is all very exciting. I love autumn as well, and am considering dragging my boyfriend out on a long walk today 🙂 Take care

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