Top 5 Autumn Musts


Though it’s September, the chill air, vibrant foliage and sweater/boot wearing days have not happened! I’m as eager for Autumn as a white girl in yoga pants, waiting in line for her pumpkin spice latte. Yet, here I am, a white girl in shorts with no seasonal coffee drink coming my way.

Oh well. Moving on.


Because I’m as yet unable to wear my many comfy, colorful sweaters, I’m focusing on burning scented candles of the following aromas: coffee (not pictured), maple hazelnut, and cinnamon sugar doughnut. All these delicious candles were gifted to me by my friends Abbey, Alyssa, Alyssa’s mom and my sister Regina. And burning the candles has definitely helped me create Autumn vibes within the house, even if the outdoors are sunny and 78 (which is awesome too really).

October & November

As for October & November, I am determined to complete my Top 5 Autumn Musts. The list includes classic Autumn activities.

  1. Hot cider and cinnamon sugar donuts at a local cider mill (or anywhere you can get your mitts on them!)
  2. Long walks. Best when done in the bright sun and chilly air.
  3. Leaf collecting. To be pressed amidst the pages of a large, heavy book. 11372327_1632225810370787_798225183_n
  4. Corn field maze. I can’t wait to attempt this with my fiance, Dario! My sense of direction isn’t great but his is fantastic so he’ll save us.
  5. Bike riding. I haven’t been on a bike in ages. Had a nasty bike accident years ago and I’ve been nervous of bikes since, but I want to start biking again. Plus, Dario got me a bike for my last birthday!!! I’m so eager to go biking with him. He’s such a thoughtful gift giver.

Everyone’s Autumn list is different, so whatever the activity, the food, the drink, the place, the person(s) you enjoy your time with, have fun with it! Let me know in the comments what’s made your Autumn top 5.



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