Yates Cider Mill

Very fittingly, on October 1st, Dario surprised me with a trip to a cider mill. We had been checking out a potential venue for our wedding. I thought we were headed home but Dario pulled into the cider mill parking lot and said, “Oh yeah, we’re going to the cider mill!” =)

It was a lovely day. A classic autumn mix of coolness & rain, cloud and sun.


Of course we immediately got in line for baked goods and yummy drinks, sold and served inside the cider mill.


Once outside again, all the picnic benches were soaked, so we stood and ate our cherry hand pie and the tiny cinnamon sugar donut. We were tempted to get fudge (they have Nutella fudge!) and Dario wanted nachos but we stuck with the cider mill classics.

14540525_1157141001023512_6224487233538228224_n1Maybe next time we’ll go for the Nutella fudge and nachos. We definitely plan on multiple visits this season and I greatly look forward to them.


*the drawing of the cider mill is by Margaret M. Glinke



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