Music, Vol. 1

As always, I’m listening to a variety of bands/musicians. However, I’d like to focus on my current go-to pair.

Florence + the Machine and The National.

They. Are. Amazing.

I know Florence’s work/songs best. So first, Florence.


Her first song I heard was “Dog Days are Over.” My parents, sister Regina and I were in Italy, visiting family. Regina ushered me from the dishes in the kitchen to the TV in the living room saying this was the song she wanted me to hear!

I watched the music video, barely hearing the song. The visuals were too distracting. Regina asked me what I thought, and I couldn’t really give a reply. Processing took some time, but I realized that Florence Welch’s music was amazing. On the trip home we convinced our parents to buy her first album Lungs and we learned every lyric, note and melodious & drawn out “oh,” “ah,” and “whoa.”

Every song spoke to me in some way, clarifying my emotions and extrapolating my mood. Quickly my favorite song became “Cosmic Love.”


Over the years, Florence gained popularity in the U.S. and released two more albums, Ceremonials and How Big How Blue How Beautiful:


This album (to me) seemed darker, intensified in elements of afterlife, demons, what we fear from the shadows, and the overall look of the album is strongly art deco. My favorite song from this album (so difficult to choose one!) is “What the Water Gave Me.”


This album was bigger, bluer and more beautiful. Ha ha. OK, seriously, it was.

Bigger because Florence let fans into her mindset, fears and emotions. Bluer in the sense of sadness, the ocean and its power and associations. And more beautiful due to the fact that Florence let her emotional healing guide her music and that healing spoke to listeners, helping them too.

             High Violet                                         Trouble Will Find Me

The National has been a love of mine since the first song I heard: “Don’t Swallow the Cap.” The song is from their album titled Trouble Will Find Me. I fixated on this song for months before exploring anything else by The National.

Once I did expand my knowledge of their music, I loved every second and listened to Trouble Will Find Me and High Violet (an earlier album) on a loop.

My favorite song from High Violet is “Terrible Love” and from Trouble Will Find Me the song closest to my heart is “Pink Rabbits.”


There is an indefinable factor to the voice of Matt Berninger as well as the lyrics he spins that leave me feeling like my thoughts and feelings are understood.

And the fact that the band members are married and older (aka not teens or twenties) and have kids makes me happy. I think it gives their lyrics and music a different perspective because little things about parenthood and spouses slip into the lyrics. It’s beautiful to hear.


5 thoughts on “Music, Vol. 1

  1. Absolutely love Florence + the machine… love love LOVE. My sister has been lucky enough to actually see her perform a couple of times. My favourite album is Ceremonials.. brilliant sound, evocative, deep and moving. In fact I might put it on right now! 🙂

      1. Yeah she is.. lol I was so jealous. I did listen to Ceremonials yesterday, it’s such a great album 🙂 Which is her latest release, I thought Big Blue Beautiful was her newest album..

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