Albanian, 1-10


On an ice cream excursion, my future sister- and mother-in-law began to teach me how to pronounce Albanian numbers. They told me numbers 1 thru 100 but I confess the best I could remember with any confidence the next day was 1 thru 10. I’m one tenth of the way!

So below is the number and the pronunciation to the best of my phonetic ability.

  1. Nji            (knee with a “gn” sound like the Italian gnocchi)
  2. Dy            (do)
  3. Tre           (tray)
  4. Katër      (kahter)
  5. Pesë        (pace but the “a” is a mix of “eh” and “a” if that makes sense)
  6. Gjashtë  (josht, like “josh” with a “t” sound at the end)
  7. Shtatë    (shtaht, like “tot” with a “shhh” at the beginning)
  8. Tetë        (tate, but the “a” is a mix of “eh” and “a“)
  9. Nëntë    (nunt, “nun” and “t“)
  10. Dhjetë   (det but the “d” sound has a “th” overlapping it)

On the bright side I can count to 100 in Italian (if I focus ha ha)…but Italian is not Albanian, so I must continue with my practice. One day I’ll count to 100 in Albanian.



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