Wedding Things

The first thing to say about my and Dario’s wedding is that I’m thrilled to marry him and share our wedding day together. The second thing is that I really like to plan and get ahead of deadlines (it’s 1 year & 11 months until our wedding). The third thing is that I never thought I’d be planning a wedding.

Credit: Modcloth

When I was little I’d sit and think about the cake and nothing else. I mean, I always wanted to elope and I thought my fiance would be happy to elope. We’d save ourselves stress and money. Sounds ideal to me!

That’s not how it turned out though. Dario wants to celebrate with our family and friends and I’m warming up to the idea more and more.

Credit: Polka Dot Bride

So since we’re planning a wedding, I’m going to honor my younger self by sharing a few minimalist wedding ideas.

First, my cake preference: Naked Cakes! Above and below are two examples of very simplistic cakes that I think are beautiful. I like that without a coating of frosting on the sides, there is more emphasis placed upon the look (and flavor) of the cake itself. Also, flower/leaf decorations make the whole dessert seem all the more natural and elegant.

Credit: Brides

Next: Flowers! I really know nothing about how to compose a bouquet, as in what colors, blossoms, etc. all go together into one floral gorgeousness. But I do know that I love, love, love the look of cafe au lait dahlias. They are full and stunning and delicately colored.


Credit: Bollea

And because they are a bigger bloom, it may be possible to save on our budget by using a very few of them in petite bouquets for my bridesmaids and myself. Maybe even just one bloom with some greenery or other, small flowers as seen below.

Credit: Pinterest

Lastly: Groom’s Suit! Well, the general vibe of it anyway. Personally, I love rich, dark blues and thought Dario would look great in it. I suggested it, not sure what he’d want to wear and happily for me, he liked my suggestion.

Credit: Banarsi

However, instead of a boutonniere, Dario prefers nothing more than a crisp white handkerchief. And instead of a pink tie, a cream tie.

Credit: ModWedding

He’s going to look gorgeous. That’s my unbiased opinion. =) And I like that he prefers things to be simple and minimalist because that’s been my mantra for the wedding.


*the single pink dahlia photo is from Etsy


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