M. A. Application

One of my best friends is currently in her first semester for her Master’s degree. Yay! And congratulations to her!!! It’s an epic and wonderful undertaking.

I intend to pursue my Master’s degree as well and since my friend just experienced applying for the program, I solicited her help in the entire, confusing process. She happily agreed to help me.


Recommendation letters–Contact three professor’s, remind them who you are and politely request they consider writing a recommendation letter for you to be accepted into the Master’s program.

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Essay–Select an essay from your college days that focuses on literary analysis. Ideally a very detailed paper. It must be 8 pages in length.

At this stage I’m thinking I’ll expand upon a 4 page paper I wrote on “The Bell-Tower” by Herman Melville.

Credit: Amazon

The essay (and the grad application as a whole) isn’t due until May 1, 2017, so I have 6 months to complete the paper which is buckets and buckets of time.

And of course there are many more steps to complete the grad application but these are the two I tackled first. Well, those two and beginning an online application. Two out of three professors have agreed to write my recommendation letters and I’m about to begin expanding upon my Melville essay.

Wish me luck!



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