Best Bookshelves

Credit: Neatorama

I like the idea of filling up the spaces based

on the location of the book’s story,

or where the author is from perhaps.

Credit: Capita

Or maybe the symbolism of how when lost

in a book, it’s like my head is in the clouds.


Books have a lot to say, and they prompt

so much within us.


Credit: Architecture Art Designs

They are towering…


Credit: homedit





and unusual.

Of course what make a library a dream library

isn’t the shape or style of the shelves,

but the books within the space,

and the heart and mind of the reader

who loves the book-devoted space.



3 thoughts on “Best Bookshelves

  1. Hi, I love this post! And especially the last picture, the ‘unusual’ book case is so nice.. I would absolutely love to have a space like that to read in.. maybe one day. I’m currently reading “The Girl in the Spiders Web,” which continues Stieg Larsens Millenium triology.. Have you read them? They were massive, and very very good-I would definitely recommend if you haven’t read!

    1. I haven’t read his work, but just yesterday I was thinking “I need to read this trilogy!” My sister has read it and loves it. I think I bought two of the books for her a year or so ago. I heard there were mixed emotions about the continuation of Stieg Larsson’s work. How are you liking the latest installment?

      1. Lol I was just talking about this with my boyfriend. Lisbeth Salander is one of my favourite protagonists EVER.. and the original three books were brilliant. This latest one does have strengths, the way Lagercrantz pulls the strands of the plot together is very clever, but I don’t think he quite GETS Salander like Larsen seemed to, or his portrayal seems a tad more stilted. But this could just be because she was originally so awesome 🙂 I haven’t finished the book yet so will have to update my opinion when i do!

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