Biking w/ Dario

I am so wobbly. Two wheels spin. A handle bar is beneath me. My knuckles whitish.

He is next to me. On his own spinning contraption. He asks me about my day. Initially it doesn’t distract me. But eventually I ride smoothly.

It’s hard to forget accidents. For mine, the handlebars shook and strained. I flew over the bars. My face shredded against gravel. A tooth flew out as well.

My body shook and darkness nearly overtook me many times. My vision faded, almost, like falling asleep.

My skin took weeks to heal. I was told, “Don’t worry, you’ll still be pretty.”

Oh, I wasn’t worried. Not about looks. I just wanted to heal and be whole.

And I am.

I’m riding with Dario.




3 thoughts on “Biking w/ Dario

      1. Aah, yes it is beautiful 🙂 I am in England, and whilst we have amazing scenery your picture did look very different!…. I haven’t travelled very much in Italy yet, only Rome and The Almalfi Coast, which was spectacular.

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